SSRS Consulting & Report Distributor

Through our SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) consultancy, we can help you make effective, informed decisions based on trusted data. The reports can be either ad-hoc or be scheduled to arrive directly to your mailbox. These schedules can both be static & dynamic (using "Report Distributor"). We help our customers implement Business Intelligence (BI) strategy by providing them services like creating reports/dashboards in SSRS and make them available to both operational & strategic leaders. Whether you are looking for expert advice or implementation experts, we are at your service.

Our Expertise
  • Custom Reports: We can create custom reports based on your business requirements.
  • Automated Delivery: We can schedule any report to be in your inbox by a specific time.
  • BI Consultancy: Our experts can help you develop organization wide strategies to cater your data needs to be competitive.
  • Integration: We can integrate your own or 3rd party systems to share data so you can find what you want in one place.
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