Why use Bullseye Metrics to Manage your Business Intelligence?

Information is the lifeblood of today’s modern organizations. Flexibility of accessing information how you want and when you want is increasingly important. Bullseye helps management forecast, track, and analyze information to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

Bullseye Metrics Business Intelligence Services

  • Real-time Data Analysis – By using Bullseye, you will be able to extract and analyze data with little effort.
  • Access Anywhere – If you opt for our online version you can access the information anywhere, with any device.
  • Create Dashboards – Create dashboard reports which present different data on a single screen to analyze data from different perspectives.
  • Drilldown – This feature will help you analyze data at its most detailed available form. This will provide you the ability to see all your data and information in more detail.
  • Foreign Data – You can use this tool to analyze the data that is not in your system by uploading scalar Excel files.

 Bullseye Metrics is a turnkey business intelligence software solution from Awesome Technologies.

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