Big Bang or Phased Approach?

So, you have decided on a new Loan Origination System and you need help getting it all setup and connected to your other internal systems and vendor services. Who are you going to call? Awesome Technologies of course! Implementation of any new system requires a lot of business decisions and attention to tons of details, which can be very overwhelming and time consuming. Let Awesome Technologies alleviate this stress! With our experienced and friendly staff we can help you configure and create the system of your dreams!

  • Configuration or Customization? Since ATIĀ is a full IT consultancy you don’t have to decide because we can do it all!
  • Adding a new branch? Or adding a new channel of business? Or perhaps merging with another company? We will help you manage these complicated and exciting business initiatives through reconfiguration of your existing systems.
  • Customized Statement of Work for each project.