Make your commission distribution smooth.

Save time and money by using an automated commission calculating interface.

To be successful in any industry it is mandatory that you accurately compensate your team in a timely manner. ATI’s E-COM system effectively helps you achieve this by providing a sensible compensation calculation utility combined with workflow management for loan officers & branch managers. Our transparent process is simple, customizable, and most importantly accurate. The solution saves you time and money by providing a fully automated commission calculating and workflow interface. Users have the ability to access data from any device, anywhere in the world from our web-based platform.


  • Automated Calculation: Calculating commission is a lengthy and tedious job and at times, tricky. Our system will accurately calculate everything at ease.
  • LOS Integration: Our system provides integration with all popular LOS systems reducing errors and time for data entry
  • Multi-level Commissions: As the industry is maturing, the commission structures are becoming more and more complex. Our system will handle these changing demands more efficiently.
  • Minimum Wage: By using our commission system you can implement a minimum wage structure to avoid legal complications
E-COM by Awesome Technologies Inc


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