Why Bulk Importer?

Encompass data can be modified based on compliance requirements, correction of existing data, or changes in your business necessities. Our Bulk Importer would be the most efficient tool to this to multiple fields and files. You can create an Excel file yourself or export any Encompass report in CSV, make the required changes to that Excel or CSV file, and import the data back through a few simple mouse clicks.

Our Expertise
  • Update Data At-Once: Just populate your CSV or Excel file and update all or selective Encompass loans at-once.
  • Save Time: Let the plugin do the laborious tasks for you. You can spend your time doing more strategic work than keying in data.
  • Direct from Encompass Report: You can export the data from Encompass Report, do the required changes, and import back to Encompass.
  • Any Field / Any Loan File: By using this tool you can change as many fields as you want and in thousands of Loan Files.
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