Loan Notifier Application

Regardless of the size of your organization – whether it's a large corporation, a small company, or even a home-based business – you need good communication with accurate timing, influence, correspondence to the right person at the right time, and of course every time.

Think of how often you communicate with people during your day. You write emails, facilitate meetings, participate in conference calls, create reports, devise presentations, debate with your colleagues… the list goes on.

Do you agree that business operations and customer satisfaction are entirely dependent upon communication with perfect timing? Loan notifier is an intelligent customized email notification and messaging system, that is based upon trigger events which may be coupled to just about any field in your LOS database. You can associate one or numerous roles from your LOS to receive the emails, and for each updated notification you will have full control to edit the subject and text of email in a rich text editor. You can also embrace web links and even insert live loan-level data from your LOS into your subject and text.

  • A major persuasive benefit of loan notifier is to make certain the deliverance of steady and timely messages, it keeps your customers, buyers, and creditors connected.
  • Increase the effectiveness of internal communications by making more efficient use of staff time.
  • With an accomplished automatic notification system, your staff stay connected every time or even every hour.
  • Loan Notifier can also use in bridge process and gap work flowfor departmental level or others, like an individual.
  • It can also increase reliability and loyalty for relationships, especially with customers.
  • An expansion in your recruiting efforts by attracting top excellent production talent.
  • Loan Notifier is a quick and easy way to get way to distinguish yourself and your competitors.
  • Sending automated notifications through the LOS System can begin immediately once the application is installed.
  • The application has a very light footprint and can be installed on a shared or virtualized server. There is no need of a separate machine for this application.
  • No programming experience is required to configure the emails. This process is easy to learn within 2 days of installing the application.