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Bullseye Metrics - Let’s visualize your valuable data.

Bullseye Metrics facilitates data analysis by transforming it into useful visual representations. Hence, you can allocate your time and energy to the issues that matter to your business.

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Gather your data

Bullseye Metrics allows you to easily connect to all major databases and other data sources, including XLS, CSV, and SQL Server.


Create data presentations

With a few easy tools, dive into your data and produce insights. Save such observations as incredible, interactive reports that tell the tales your data is hiding.


Compile & Visualize

Create customized dashboards and follow the metrics that are important to you. Visualize your data to provide your company with the tools it needs to act quickly and confidently.


With Bullseye Metrics, you have access to tremendous data.

Visualize the performance of your organization and your vital data. You can even compare the data from your own business to that of others in your field.

Access all of your data, wherever it is

You receive a comprehensive understanding of the most important business KPIs, regardless of the location or format of your data.

One software to manage all of your data

Bulls Eye was developed with the goal of gathering and turning any data into insightful analytics that are shown in the form of dashboards, reports, visual effects, and analytics.

Simple to set up

Bulls Eye is simple to set up because it works in the majority of IT setups. Additionally, you may monitor analytics on a variety of platforms, such as the web, mobile, tablet, etc.

Acquiring data from several sources

Because it can harvest data from virtually any location inside an organization, this was the most crucial feature that assisted us in deploying the same in multiple environments.

Controlled Data Analytics Distribution

The primary objective of Bulls Eye is to provide comprehensive data analytics to the enterprise's key decision-makers. Additionally, it enables the administrator to grant permission to certain departments to access restricted data analytics (concerning their area of responsibility only).

Personalized Reports

Bulls Eye comes with built-in report-generating templates, but if a user wants to make a report specifically for him or herself, he or she can do it by selecting the parameters of their choice. Because the BI tool is rather simple to use, anyone with authority can experiment and fetch the required information.

Positioning Data

Ultimately, Bulls Eye highlights the broad strokes of any company or organization. It signifies the collection of all the data from many sources in one location. With the help of this BI tool, it is now equipped to make well-informed decisions in this unpredictable and information-overloaded world.

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