Information Technology:

Information Technology costs for firms are rising every day. Handling technical people and getting work out of them in itself is a laborious task. We remove that headache and allow your team to deliver the results. Using our In-House Development Center will enable you to focus on your core business and reduce the time to market your products & services. Our center consists of 50 software engineers, who work diligently on your projects with respect to your specifications. This flexibility allows you to be free from administrative hassles and instead focus on your business and its growth.

  • Recruiting, hiring, & replacing i.e. specific talent pool maintenance will be done at our end.
  • Dedicated resources working only on your project for specified hours.
  • Dedicated high-speed internet connectivity to all projects.
  • Dedicated machines for security of your code & data.
  • Stand-by power generation / UPS.
  • Conference software applications.
  • Disaster Recovery (data backed up locally on a daily basis).
  • Software Maintenance.
  • Training of resources on a regular basis will be done at our end, to provide you cutting edge solutions