Online 1003 Application

This web-based, secure application will take care of all of your online 1003 application needs and simultaneously connect with your LOS.

Your borrower will instantly be able to sign-up and begin a self-explanatory form within 10 seconds. The borrower will have the flexibility to save their form whenever they want to pause their application and continue upon their discretion. You can modify the theme of the online application to match your corporate color scheme, even customizing it to include your company logo. The application will allow borrowers to select their preferred Loan Officer (LO) and as soon as the one is selected, it will be previewed on the LO's pipeline. At each milestone of the process, personalized emails can be automatically generated through the system. All of this will be available within a https secure environment. All the data will reside on your own servers to minimize vulnerabilities of data security.

  • Application is able to use 128-bit encryption for security of the data transmitted.
  • The website is customizable to match your corporate identity by changing colors and logos.
  • Separate Loan Officer view will enable the LO to handle the application as soon as the borrower initiates any loan application.
  • Importing data to LOS is swift and easy.
  • Minimal bounce rate because the application can be saved by entering minimal data from the borrower.
  • Email messages are customizable for a case by case basis.
  • The borrower can save the form multiple times throughout the process, which enables them to complete the form at their convenience.
  • Comprehensive print option enables the users to review their online forms while they are offline.