Corridor is a broker and lender delivery and sorting system.

Manage and send hundreds of loans and documents at one time.

Corridor is a broker and lender delivery and sorting system that allows for brokers selling large volumes of loans to correspondent lenders to review and deliver all of those loans and documentation with the click of a button.


When correspondent lenders receive the loans and documentation from the broker, they can;

  • Upload all the loans and documentation immediately into their LOS system.
  • Sort all relevant documentation into designated folders.
  • Immediately start working those loans all in one easy step.

This solution will save you numerous hours of;

  • Tedious data input.
  • Organizing and managing multiple files.
  • Hundreds of dollars in personnel costs to hire people to do this job for you.

Corridor offers you;

  • One solution.
  • One process.
  • Hundreds of loans at a time.
Corridor by Awesome Technologies


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