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Bulk Importer

We implemented Bulk Importer Encompass Plugin on Great Western and that saved their tens of recurring hours which they spent in updating loans, whether it is due to regulatory requirement or is for pipeline grooming.

Cenlar Integration

Sending data to Cenlar is difficult a specific format of data plus document in a specified way is both time consuming & prone to error, our Cenlar Integration solution is an end-to-end solution to make this process error free & fast.

Loan Notifier

Our Loan Notified solution helps companies to get notified on specific events on specific loans, it is easy to use and a valuable tool.

Knock Knock

In any environment where loans are being processed by several people it is a normal case that loan is locked by other user, and opening the loan just to get another message that loan is locked is both time-consuming and painful, our Knock Knock plugin intimate you when your specified loan is available for edits.

Document & Data Extractor

Extracting data from your Encompass with specific criteria in different formats is a difficult task at times it also lead to errors, our Data & Document Extractor makes this task both easy and error-free, you can setup data extraction templates in tens of formats.

Turn Time Update

Updating turn time will help you identify actual TAT but calculating the same is a task, our Turn Time Update helps you do it automatically.

Intranet Site / Lending Library

Corporate Intranet is a pivotal tool for communication, general organizational workflow, company news, employee directory and more, we know both SharePoint and custom created CMS for Corporate Intranets.

Adverse Action Complete Workflow

Adverse Action is important and a regulatory requirement but at the same time performing the same in a timely manner is challenging, our Complete Workflow for Adverse Action helps you achieve the same in a timely manner.


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